What Does HPP Look For When Buying An Asset? (Part I)

At Hager Pacific, people are often surprised that we own more than 100 properties across the nation. While we are proud of the size of our portfolio, we are even more pleased with our track…

Environmental Issues – A Hidden Gold Mine?

Investing in a commercial property that has significant environmental issues might seem overwhelming. After all, the work necessary to resolve such violations may come with significant effort and expense– requiring an extensive and expensive investigation,…

How To Navigate Southern California’s Industrial Real Estate Market Boom

Over the past decade, Southern California has firmly established itself as a uniquely attractive site for big-name manufacturers, e-commerce companies, and traditional big-box retailers. It is the fastest-growing region in the state and home to…

Liquidity Is Always The Real Estate Investor’s Best Friend

Liquidity is ALWAYS the real estate investor’s best friend. When real estate markets are hot, cash differentiates a buyer by enabling it to offer faster closing times and a more certain close than buyers who…

Is The AIR Lease Form A Fair Document For Both Parties?

The AIR Lease Form is an excellent tool for completing many different kinds of real estate transactions. It offers comprehensive and thoughtful leases, fair to both sides, reducing the countless hours – and dollars –…

What Impact Will The Panama Canal Expansion Have On The Shipping Economy?

The Panama Canal — the pathway that transformed international trade a century ago — is about to change international shipping again. In 2016, a long-awaited $5.25 billion expansion project at the Canal will be finished….

Asian Investors In Southern California

It’s no secret that Asian capital investment in the U.S. real estate market has grown significantly, with nearly $13 billion in investment in 2014 compared with $2.4 billion in 2007. Yet, for Asian investors, not…

How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect The Real Estate Market?

When will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates? This is the question that hangs over the commercial real estate industry today. Since 2009, the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing (QE) program has brought about an unprecedented low-interest rate environment, driving a period of strong returns in the commercial real estate market. With the end of the QE era in sight, commercial real estate investors now must consider how an interest-rate increase will impact their portfolio values.

Industrial Real Estate Is Economically Reviving Southern California’s Inland Empire

For many of us who grew up in Southern California, the Inland Empire was a place in between Los Angeles and Palm Springs or Las Vegas with vast expanses of vacant land. It served as a rest spot for fast food or a bathroom break on a family trip. From the mid 1980s to the present day, there has been approximately 400 million square feet of industrial product built in the Inland Empire. Amazon, Walmart and almost every major American consumer products company has a distribution warehouse in the Inland Empire. During the Great Recession, the area’s big box market was the most resilient core market with the highest amount of gross absorption in 2009 and 2010. What does this mean? The Inland Empire has become a mature market. It is here to stay as a pillar in the supply chain for many corporations.

What Makes A Good Real Estate Broker?

When it comes to looking for a real estate broker, it seems that everybody’s got an opinion. Some will argue that the most important qualities in a broker are excellent communication skills and a relentless motivation to serve clients. Others believe that the secret is a special understanding of the economic forces driving real estate markets. And many will say that the most important quality is adaptability.